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A Happy Morning Routine (for a Happy New Year!)

Happy 2018 dear dreamers!

The first week of the year is about to finish and I can’t believe it! It’s really the time to get stuff done and start a new adventure! Ready? Well, let’s start from the morning! I don’t know about you, but for me, I love to start the morning with some very simple rituals that will bring joy and happiness to my entire day.

Remember that the morning is the moment when you set the vibe for the all day, so you want it to be amazing and full of inspiration! To do so, I always start my day with a hot shower; it will help the blood circulate, especially in winter, plus you can meditate a little or sing your favorite song!

Then I get dressed, I tidy my room and open the windows to clean the air. This can appear a little banal, but actually tidying your own environment is very important especially if you plan to spend a large amount of your time working from home because it will give you the right motivation to be productive.

After this, I do some stretching and I cook my breakfast. I leave the breakfast at the end because it is the moment when I slow down, take my time to read, use my phone, answer the messages and relax watching some youtube or reading some blogs.

Alright, that was my personal happy morning routine, but actually there are limitless possibilities you can try! All of the suggestions you find online for a morning routine always have something in common:  they all follow a scheme, that is:

– do something for you

– do something for your environment

– learn something new and get in touch with the people you love

The point is, you can’t fill other’s people cups if yours is still empty, right? We all need to take some time off to dedicate just to ourselves otherwise we will start our day, go to work etc with a sense of tiredness. Allow yourself to have a new fresh start everyday!

If you want to download the free PDF with more ideas, just check it here!


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