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Happy minds don’t hurt

Some days ago I at work and I happened to talk to an old woman waiting for her car. She told me she was a 92 years old spelunker and she started listing an incredible amount of adventures she lived during her life; what was so freaking awesome about her was that her eyes were sparkling while she was telling me her adventures. I think that sometime we forget to listen to our heart and do what makes us sparkle for real. And I asked myself: after all these years you can still find that sparkle? Really? Girl you rock. And I realized that if you turn back and you can’t find anything that you did that can make your eyes sparkle, 

this is a real problem, I’m telling you guys. 

I think that after all the things I encountered in my life, my mind and my heart are happy when I create, when I share and help others through what I share. That is how I keep my eyes sparkling.

But I understand that life is not a giant sparkling unicorn flying over the clouds. I know; nevertheless, there are some ways I personally adopt to share my unique sparkle, that is “just” another way to call the unique contribution everyone of us can give to our planet. I learned thanks to some life experiences to “train” my mind, to enable it to react against the bad situations life presents and not to let them affect my mood. 

For example, simply with the power of our brains we can defeat ignorance, stupidity, bullying, intolerance, envy. If our minds are somehow trained to recognize a bad situations, we have our back covered and we can actually choose how to react to it. 

Fair enough, our sole mind can’t defend ourselves from physical violence, but it can tell us how to react to it; we can either call the police or buy a gun and take revenge on our own or a countless number of other choices. It all depends on what our mind tells us to do.

I’m telling you, if your mind is a mind full of sparkling memories like the one of the old lady, or full of sparkling projects, free and curios, well you won’t choose to stay stick to that particular bad situation that happened to happen to you, but you will react to it putting a “big colorful smile” bandage on that wound.

I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.

My last goal is to go on living a life full of sparkles, like the old lady’s life. If I will be lucky enough to reach the 92, I promise I will tell you how life went, with giant sparkles on my eyes and a grateful smile. All in all, happy minds don’t hurt, they just live in the moment of an eye’s sparkle.

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