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What to bring (in your head) when you go study abroad

I found myself stuck with an empty luggage twice; I couldn’t decide what to bring and what to leave, and I was feeling that if I’d left something, maybe that something would have been useful and I would regret not having it with me.

Well, good news! Once you go abroad, you don’t need that much stuff. Indeed, you need almost nothing.

What about your head? What do you need to bring your inner self?

1. Bring your curiosity

The world is full of new opportunities, so learn how to embrace them. By doing new things, you will little by little learn about yourself, about what you like or don’t, about who you are. Accept the challenge, get enrolled in a class you would have never taken back home (marine biology for example). Be curious about the not yet explored possibilities!

2. Bring the loneliness

Better, be prepared to face strong feelings such as loneliness and nostalgia. You know, the feeling of being alone with yourself. The terrible sound of the silence around us that can be challenging, but this is part of the adventure. Being lonely can really help our mind to be in touch with our heart and to build a deeper connection between reason and emotions. Once you find your inner peace the world will appear in another perspective and plenty of opportunities will come! See how at the beginning of the article I told you that you need to bring curiosity with you? Well, once you start being curious, you will never stop enjoying your amazing journey in the world.

3. Bring the wisdom

Remember the story of the country rat and the city rat? Well, if you move from the country to the big city, don’t be naive. Study. Copy. Study how people behave in situations that are unfamiliar to you, then copy them and understand why do they do so. Learn to observe. For example. in Italy, we don’t tip the waiter, but if you don’t do it in America this is a clear message; it’s like saying to the waiter that their work was bad and you are not happy with that. You don’t want to be rude right? Learn to observe the world around you, and copy from the locals.

Learn to stay away from danger and draw a “mental border” that is not supposed to be passed to not find yourself in awful situations (girls, I’m talking to you right now!).

4. Bring patience, guys

Now that you are overwhelmed by all these information, I will tell you the truth. Ninety percent of a successful experience abroad is made by whether you decide to give yourself a time or not. If we pretend to learn to be a city rat in a week, well, at the end of the week we will just have disappointed ourselves. Instead, learn to be patient with the whole process. Learn to breathe and to think that what you are doing is not easy. It is not easy to leave ALL the world you know to put yourself in a world that is totally foreign. What you do is amazing and if sometimes you may think that you have failed, well, no. I’m telling you right now, no human being fails while trying to challenge them. If you challenge yourself and you genuinely put your efforts into something new, that is never a failure. Never. So don’t underestimate your weapons, don’t rash and take your time with the world.

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