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Why you should apply for graduate school

Every year students struggle with this decision: should I apply for graduate school or should I just start searching for a job?

Well, the choice is not easy, and it may be affected by our past experience. I know a lot of people that decided not to apply for graduate school just because their undergraduate teachers didn’t give them the right motivation or they just didn’t enjoy their studies.

If you find yourself in this exact situation, let me tell you something.

Graduate school is totally different from undergrad. For example, classes are way more interesting and practical; this means you will learn a lot more, and you are supposed to give your own contribution to the subject you are studying by writing essays, conduct surveys, research, and present your work like a pro will do (if you enter grad school, you are a pro!).

Anyway, grad school is more expensive, and scholarships are not so many. This means you got to plan in advance, maybe one year before your application, so you can find out all the scholarship opportunities out there.

For international students: make sure you get your TOEFL score and your GRE test before the application period. You will need to take these two tests and pass them with a minimum score, that is established by the university you are applying for.

Here you can find my guide to pass the TOEFL exam with more than 100 points (out of 120). Anyway, don’t be scared because most universities require a minimum score of 80-90, which is not particularly difficult to obtain if you follow the exam template (everything is explained in my article).

Graduate school can be very challenging and demanding, but once you understand how it works it can be pretty enjoyable.

I would recommend to go on with a graduate program to everyone, especially to people that had a terrible experience during their bachelor’s studies. You just need to plan in advance, find out what went wrong with your previous studies (maybe you expected to study different subjects). Once you outlined the problems that your undergrad had, you got also the solution. For example, if you enrolled in an English course and you expected to study more Economics, well, you can enroll in an International relations course, or to a Tourism course.

Don’t be scared to search worldwide to get the specific education to achieve your dream.

Here there is a free printable with a little exercise that will help you figure out what went wrong during your studies and how to find the perfect grad program!

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